About Aspect Motion

Our mission is to provide the opportunities, the methodology and the enjoyment to have students continue to nurture their passion for dance, throughout their time at Aspect Motion School of Dance as far as they wish their training to take them. We achieve this through our well rounded dance program, including a variety of dance styles, body conditioning classes and acrobatics. At Aspect Motion School of Dance we have succeeded in having had students who have gone from a basic level of dance to a higher level of professional training. We have now qualified them to move forward to the next higher level of learning on the way to their career in dance

Our vision, and hence the policy of Aspect Motion school of Dance is to develop a series of guarantees to give our parents peace of mind as to where their children are studying. Parents know that they have direct access to the principal of the school at any time, if you have a problem or a challenge with what we are teaching or how we are going about it. We are open to discussion, and we have a policy in place in our multi-level guarantee that will allow us to move your child into another class if they’re not enjoying it, because our job at Aspect Motion is to facilitate the enjoyment in learning dance.

At Aspect Motion School of Dance we are aim to maximise the benefits for our students and their parents, whether it just be a fun after school activity, or a pathway to a career. We’re in the area of facilitating dance teaching and enjoyment, and above all, we are in the business of happiness.

Our 6 Point Guarantee

Time Guarantee

We know that time is a precious commodity, particularly for parents who are on a tight schedule.

We guarantee that classes will begin and end on time so you can be assured that mum/dads taxi will never be held up by dancing.

Communication Guarantee

At Aspect Motion School of Dance we encourage open communication between teachers, parents and the Principal. Parents and students have full access to the Principal of the school to ensure any queries or concerns are dealt with quickly and easily.

Information Guarantee

There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what is going on. We understand that notes go astray, so information will be emailed to parents directly and the website will be updated with new information as soon as it's available.

Price Guarantee

As a parent I understand the frustration of unexpected costs, so at Aspect Motion school of Dance we guarantee that there will be no hidden costs. We are upfront about all costs and the optional extras for things like exams will be advertised well in advance so parents can budget if they choose to.

Happiness Guarantee

The happiness and well being of our students is our number one goal. At Aspect Motion School of Dance we guarantee to do everything possible to ensure your child is completely happy in the class they are in. If they are still not completely happy we will find a class and teacher they are happier with.

Security Guarantee

As a parent, leaving your child with people you don't know is often a challenge, so at Aspect Motion School of Dance we ensure all teachers have a current Working With Children Check.